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BlossomBerry specializes in blending environmental values with luxury and it”s designed of 100% organic cotton towels and bath products for spas, hotels or the home.


BlossomBerry’s story begins in the Anatolian countryside near the Aegean Sea, where cotton has been cultivated through the ages with practices that preceded industrialization. Here, farmers retain organic techniques in growing the long staple cotton, a softer and longer lasting type.


Taken from the fields to an Earth-friendly textile plant, the cotton is turned into yarn and woven into fabric. A finishing process washes the textiles in warm water. Because BlossomBerry believes in aligning with the planet’s natural processes, chemicals and dyes are deliberately avoided. This decision reduces energy use by 40 percent and water use by 60 percent. It causes less pollution and the product retains its original plushness and color. Blossom Berry’s towels are the product of the gentle and skilled handling of craftsmen. The manufacturer ‘s process is certified organic by IMO and relies on ethical factory practices and safe working conditions: no child or low-wage labor.


The process -- organic from seed to fruition -- results in fabrics ultimately designed to pamper sensitive skin and please aesthetic eyes. Nature’s delicate abundance in flower and fruit inspires BlossomBerry’s mission to create a product in harmony with the Earth and respectful of the planet’s amazing beneficence.


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